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Princess   Bari

Eun-Me    Ahn

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Deamons in polka dot dresses, magician-healers on platform shoes, temple servants with pink rubber gloves or spirits floating in the air in their birthday suit... Resolutely faithful to tradition and definitely pop, Symphoca Princess Bari deploys some treasures of choreographic and formal inventiveness to fit better the millenary epic into modern days. 

Pansori singers and bad boys from Seoul, scooters and parasols, balloons and lamé mix with harmony in this opulent production, bringing together dancers, singers and musicians. Behind this crazy "Symphoca", one find a dazzling creator, Eun-Me Ahn,with a total, intimate and blazing work. 

Famous shamanist tale, the Princess Bari epic finds here an interpretation as radical as it is faithful. Abandoned by her father the King - who wanted to have a boy - and thrown into the see, the princess is taken into by a fisherman and will have to face many ordeals and many adventures to save her seriously ill father. An initiative journey and a story of courage and fidelity - that has been reinterpreted along centuries in novel, television series and manga - celebrating forgiveness and the power of women. 


Lola Gruber (extrait du programme de Paris Quartier d'Eté) 


Choreography and artistic direction : Eun-Me Ahn

Text: Young-Gu Park

Music : Young-Gyu Jang

Artistic advisor : Chun Wooyoung

Set design and costumes : Eun-Me Ahnet

Set : Sunny Im / Yunkwan Design

Lighting design : Jin-Young Jang

Eun-Me Ahn is associated artist of Théâtre de la Ville-Paris 2018-2019 season.

Piece for 10 danseurs, 5 singers and 5 musicians

Running time : 90'

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Facebook : Eun Me Ahn Company안은미 컴퍼니

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Eun-Me Ahn   on  Tour  /////////////////////

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10 March 2020 : Théâtre du Crochetan, Monthey (CH) - North Korea Dance

17-18 March 2020 : MC2, Grenoble (FR) - North Korea Dance

21 March 2020 : MA-Scène Nationale, Montbéliard (FR)- North Korea Dance

27-28 March 2020 : Teatro Central, Séville (ES) - North Korea Dance

31 March 2020 : Théâtre du Vellein, Villefontaine (FR) - North Korea Dance

O3 Apr. 2020 : Théâtre de Villefranche, Villefranche sur Saône (FR) - North Korea Dance

14-17 Apr. 2020 : Maison de la Danse, Lyon (FR) - North Korea Dance

23-24 Apr. 2020 : Théâtre Molière - Scène Nationale de Sète (FR) - North Korea Dance

28 Avr. 2020 : Le Quartz - Scène Nationale de Brest (FR) - Dancing Grandmothers

02 May 2020 : Festival DDD, Porto (PT) - North Korea Dance

07-09 May 2020 : Dansenshus, Oslo (NO) - North Korea Dance