Dancing   Teen  Teen

Eun-Me    Ahn

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With Dancing Teen Teen, the second part of her Dancing... trilogy created in 2012, Eun-Me Ahn continues her story tale of contemporary Korea and draws a touching portrait of her country's youth.  

For this generation - hyperconnected, consumerist, fed with images and western stars and K-Pop idols music videos - the pression on their young shoulders is enormous. They represent the future of their family, of their country. Influenced by medias, it is hard for them finding their voice and express their opinion, their aspirations.


Eun-Me Ahn gives them a chance to speak up : "Do whatever you want! Impulsion is an energy, the wind of freedom that can take you where you've never been before."


In an extravagant whirlwind of bright colors, on a wild pace music, the eight overexcited dancers of Eun-Me Ahn play with K-Pop codes : blond bleached hairs, high-school uniforms, ultra-colored tracksuits, or sparkling skirts. They are joined on stage by ten young amateurs who express with mischief, sincerity and a touching ingenuousness their doubts and their dreams.

Credits  /////////////////////////////////////////


Chorography and artistic direction: Eun-Me Ahn

Music: Young-Gyu Jang

Artistic advisor: Chun Wooyoung

Costumes and set desig: Eun-Me Ahn

Set : Sunny Im / Yunkwan Design

Lighting design : Jin-Young Jang

Video : Taeseok Lee

Production: Doosan Art Center (DAC),  Eun-Me Ahn Company

Booking :  Jean-Marie Chabot

Eun-Me Ahn is associated artist of Théâtre de la Ville-Paris 2018-2019 season.

Work for 10 dancers and 10 amateurs

Running time : 90' without intermission

30 people on tour

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Diffusion : jm[at]gadjaprod.com

Facebook : Eun Me Ahn Company안은미 컴퍼니

Eun-Me Ahn   on  Tour  /////////////////////

08-10 January 2021 : Yeongdeungpo Art Hall, Seoul (KR) - Dragons - PREMIERE - POSTPONED

29 January 2021 : Festspielhaus St Pölten, St Pölten (AT) - Dragons - POSTPONED

17-20 February 2021 : Kampnagel, Hambourg (DE) - Dragons - POSTPONED

27-28 February 2021 : Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg (DE) - North Korea Dance - POSTPONED

22-23 April 2021 : Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg (LU) - Dragons

27-28 April 2021 : Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles (BE) - Dragons

02 May 2020 : Festival DDD, Porto (PT) - North Korea Dance

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