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Eun-Me    Ahn

Dancing   Middle-Aged   Men

About   the   show ///////////////////////////

In this third and last part of the Dancing...trilogy,, Eun-Me Ahn focuses on another generation : the one of Korean men between 40 and 65 years old. Those who live as business owners, head of family and those who have senior position in companies. The represent the social entity that carries the responsibilities in a Korean society still largely structured around family. Their body, their movement are a testimony and an eye on modern Korea History. They also unveil the negative effects of the spectacular economic rebirth of a country devastated by war and that has become in only a few decades, one of the most dynamic in the world. 


These men belong to a blessed generation that lived without experiencing great disasters. If some managed to acquire material comfort and can think of enjoying a peaceful retirement, many got stuck in modern times trap that catches bodies and minds. 
Infernal rhythms, extreme pressure, overwork and  mental exhaustion with alcoholism as a loop-hole, it is the uneasiness of these Middle-Aged Men Eun-Me Ahn gives us to see. 

Yet, she transposes it with her joie de vivre, and dance, and this work becomes a party, a huge breath of fresh air. 

Credits  /////////////////////////////////////////


Choreography and artistic direction : Eun-Me Ahn

Music: Young-Gyu Jang

Artistic Advisor: Chun Wooyoung

Costumes and Set Design: Eun-Me Ahn

Set: Sunny Im / Yunkwan Design

Lighting design: Jin-Young Jang

Video : Taeseok Lee

Creation Technical Direction : Jimyung Kim

Video Production: Eun-Me Ahn Company

Production : Doosan Art Center (DAC), Eun-Me Ahn Company

Booking :  Jean-Marie Chabot

Work for 10dancers and 10 amateurs

Running time : 90' without intermission

30 people on tour

Video  /////////////////////////////////////////


photos ///////////////////////////////////////



Diffusion : jm[at]

Facebook : Eun Me Ahn Company안은미 컴퍼니

Eun-Me Ahn   on  Tour  /////////////////////

15-17 March 2024 : Auckland Arts Festival, Auckland (NZ) - Dragons

23-25 April 2024 : Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg (LU) - Koshigi Monologue

10-11 May 2024 : Hellerau, Dresden (DE) - Dancing Grandmothers

14 May 2024 : Tanz! Heilbronn, Heilbronn (DE) - Dancing Grandmothers

16-17 May 2024 : Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen (DE) - Dancing Grandmothers

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