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Eun-Me    Ahn

Creation   2021

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Eun-Me Ahn arrives in Europe with the dancers of her company and 6 very special guests! After a series of mind-blowing shows that depicted all Korean generations, from grandmothers to teenagers, she invites five young dancers from five Asian countries.

All are born in 2000 and unveil their hopes, their dances contemporary and traditional. Because in Asia, if the youth is ultra-connected, it remains attached to its cultural background, including Dragons ! 

They are feared in Europe? In Asia, they bring lightness, joy and optimism. So, the tone is set for a captivating, burlesque and sometimes weightless performance, like a kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and rhythms, in the extravagant style that is the trademark of the enfant terrible of Korean dance. Eun-Me Ahn, her company and their guests move through a criss-crossing of presences and holographic projections fruit of a creative storm.

In conclusion : In Asia, “Z generation” tackles future with energy and freshness. A source of inspiration. 


Thomas Hahn


Choreography and artistic direction : Eun-Me Ahn

Music : Young-Gyu Jang

Lighting design : Taeseok Lee

Video direction: Taeseok Lee

Motion Design : Taeseok Lee, Minjeong Lee (Addnine)

Costumes and set design : Eun-Me Ahn

Creation technical direction : Jimyung Kim

Production : Eun-Me Ahn Company, 

Yeongdeungpo Cultural Foundation, Busan Cultural Center, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Festspielhaus St Pölten - Austria, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts – Weiwuying (Taiwan)

With the support of :  Arts Council Korea, Indonesian Dance Festival, ASWARA - Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Kebangsaan, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse N°1

Premiere on 26th of March 2021 : Yeongdeungpo Art Hall, Seoul (KR)

Eun-Me Ahn is associated artist to Théâtre de la Ville-Paris

On tour with the support of KAMS - Center Stage Korea

Piece for 14 dancers (8 on stage, 6 on screen)

Running time : 70'

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_DSC5054©Sukmu Yun
_DSC5054©Sukmu Yun
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_DSC5354©Sukmu Yun
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Booking : jm[at]gadjaprod.com

Auditions : dragons@gadjaprod.com

Facebook : Eun Me Ahn Company안은미 컴퍼니

Eun-Me Ahn   on  Tour  /////////////////////

16-19 March 2022 : Kampnagel, Hambourg (DE) - Dragons

22 March 2022 : Schrittmacher Festival, Heerlen (NL) - North Korea Dance 

25 March 2022 : Festspielhaus St Pölten, St Pölten (AT) - Dragons

01-03 April 2022 : Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO)  - North Korea Dance 

08-09 April 2022 : Dansens Hus, Stockholm (SE)  - North Korea Dance 

13-14 April 2022 : New Baltic Dance Festival, Vilnius (LT)  - North Korea Dance 

04 May 2022 : TanzBremen, Bremen (DE) - Dragons

14-15 May 2022 : Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen (DE) - Dragons

20 May 2022 : Théâtre Molière, Sète (FR) - Dragons

24-25 May 2022 : Le Manège de Reims, Reims (FR) - Dragons

03 June 2022 : ONE DANCE WEEK, Plovdiv (BG) - Dragons

15-16 April 2022 : Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio (FI)  - North Korea Dance